Harry Potter
At The Match
by Laguna@oldcrows.net
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to neither me, myself, nor I.

The Slytherin captain hurled to quaffle to his closest teammate
who, eyes twinkling in that manner which is sole property to the
House of Slytherin, deposited it into Gryffindor's goal.

In the stands, Miss Hooch, who was taking a day off from her
usual job of referee, gazed into the eyes of Severus Snape
as he looked up from his business of removing her footwear.

Snape thought about tickling her, but decided better of it. They
didn't want to be discovered. Let everyone watch the match.

"And that's one for Gryffindor!" The score keeper cheered,
forcing their momentarily distracted attention back to the
quidditch match going on around them.

Snape's shoes came off next and Hooch, like Snape, through
great personal restraint, did not tickle him.

The Weasley twins beat the bludgers toward Slytherin's team as
the Gryffindor team made their way to Slytherin's goal, their attempt
at a score thwarted by the skillful manuevering of their goalkeeper.

The quaffle, now in Slytherin's possession, made its way, swiftly,
down the playing field to score in the goal guarded by Gryffindor.

The audience, whose minds and eyes were solely on the game, did
not see Professor Snape remove Miss Hooch's cloak.

Their eyes watched the ball, still in Slytherin's hands, make its way
toward Gryffindor's goal again, this time thwarted by a patented
Gryffindor "donkey kick" which sent Gryffindors and Slytherins alike
after the speeding ball.

Within minutes, the ball was in Gryffindor's possession and a near goal
was made.

Slytherin's captain, however, grabbed the ball and raced to the other
end to score another goal.

Had anyone bothered to take their eyes off the game, they'd have
seen Snape carefully unbutton and remove Miss Hooch's top. Her
breasts, bra-less, now took in the the afternoon sun, enjoying its
warmth and the freedom from their usual captivity. He cupped them
and kissed each nipple ever-so-gently as Gryffindor scored another
point and Miss Hooch removed the cloak from around his body.

Another goal from Slytherin had Miss Hooch sitting in the bleachers
wearing only her panties while Snape stroked her legs. He caressed
her outer and inner thighs with a patience and thoroughness such
as that which Pygmalion must have put into the shaping of the
delicate thighs of Galatea.

The next two goals belonged to Gryffindor and now Snape himself
was down to his underwear. His clothing, removed by Hooch, lie
at their feet as he kissed her neck and she nibbled on his ear.

She knelt before him, licking her lips as she removed his underwear
just after the announcement of Gryffindor's latest goal. Her fingers
clasped the half-erect fleshwand before her and gently coaxed it into
full readiness with her lips and tongue while Slytherin took possession
of the quaffle and scored yet another goal.

Snape carefully pushed Miss Hooch's silken panties down to her
knees, gently levitated her for a moment, and slid them completely
off, letting them lie atop his own underwear.

Removing her mouth from the now fully erect shaft, Miss Hooch
straddled Snape, carefully guiding him into the moist, warm core
of her femininity.

Harry Potter and Slytherin's Seeker were in a race for the Golden
Snitch, their brooms moving like lightning as they chased the swiftest
and smallest of the quidditch balls.

Snape and Hooch moved swiftly now, their pulses racing as
their bodies danced in an enticing calypso of lust to the tribal
drumbeat of their hearts.

They were on the brink now, both of them holding back an orgasm
as they waited to see which Seeker would claim the snitch.

Harry Potter's hands clasped the shimmering orb.

"Gryffindor wins!" the current referee announced.

Miss Hooch allowed herself to come at last. Wave
upon wave of pleasure descended upon her until
she was swept away in a current of passion whose
undertow was the strong pull of an unspoken love.

Feeling her release around him, Snape came into
Miss Hooch, moaning into her shoulder as he
released his warm potion into her, revelling in the
pulsating spasms of her body as well as his own.

It was only when their near-synchronous climax
had tapered off that they realized that the game
was over and that no one was being distracted
by any quidditch players.

A quick wave of their wands had them fully dressed
and back in their seats as though the whole thing
between them had never taken place.

A few spectators were pretty sure that they saw
Snape coupled with Hooch. Most of them dared
not speak this out loud, however, as they were equally
sure they'd been seeing things.

Snape and Hooch headed back into the magnificent
castle that was Hogwarts, bringing with them a new
witch or wizard of whom they were not yet aware.

Certain that they'd managed to achieve their coupling
unseen by all other eyes, they walked to the grand hall.

Dumbledore greeted them, instantly aware of the new
presence in his halls.

"Interesting match," he observed. "I trust the three of
you are happy?"

Snape's jaw nearly hit the floor then was quickly followed
by the rest of him.

"Oh dear," Dumbledore sighed, shaking his head with
amusement. "I must admit that, given Miss Hooch's current
condition, it would seem I missed a few of the more interesting
plays of this afternoon's game." He glanced for a moment into
Hooch's mind. "Hm. Strip Quidditch?"


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